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Walter Charzewski

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Born in the Summer of 1958, I am living with my family in Graz, Austria. I'm working as a - self employed - software developer and IT-consultant for some 15 years now, my hobbies are sports (hiking, biking, diving, sailing), reading, guitar playing, cooking - and eating too of course ;).

Also I am rather interested in history and mythology, especially comparative mythology, and - to a somewhat lesser degree - eastern and western Philosophy.

Violence - in all its manifestations - is a topic which touches me in a negative way and hence I decided to join the German sister-site of this Wiki: last year. When we eventually decided to open an English Wiki, to enable a worldwide participation, I volunteered to lend a helping hand here.

If you wish, you can contact me under the following email address:


Hey Walter, hui the idea with the email address as a picture is great. Should be about 100% machine-spam secure, right? MattisManzel

Yes, so far it works very well, but it wasn't my idea, I "borrowed" it elsewhere...

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