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Mattis Manzel

wikiwriter, born in '60 in Berlin. Speaks German, English, a little French, Italian and Norvegian.



Welcome, Mattis, I'm glad you'll be lending us a hand here... -- WalterCharzewski

I'll see what I can do. There are so many wiki I like. There are people, many people. I fly around between wiki and try to make contacts between these people. I'm still trying to understand what this is. mattis

Non ti preoccupi, please don't feel pressured to do anything, I just wanted to let you know you are welcome. If by this you mean this Wiki it can be explained quickly: Our German sister-site is an attempt to contribute some to a reduction of violence in all forms, and our Wiki here is trying to broaden the original scope and mission by putting it onto an international platform by means of using English as the main language. -- Walter

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