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Helmut Leitner

A software developer, born 1955, married two children, from Graz, Austria.

I care for the German counterpart of this wiki ( NetzwerkGegenGewalt:action=rc) and the wiki software. More about all this during the next few weeks. -- HelmutLeitner 2004-06-23

Messages to Helmut:

Helmut, I have a problem with moving from SandBox? to TestPage, set LabelTestPage? works, but NameTestPage? seems to have no effect... -- Walter

Sorry, please use PageTestPage, I know it's not quite consistent, but... -- Helmut

Ut oh, I've used NameTestPage? at the TolkienWiki? from the beginning and didn't even notice it had no effect (probably deafulted to SandBox?). Thanks! -- Walter

Our landlord has come... ;) Welcome and well met here, Helmut! -- WalterCharzewski

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