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Network Against Violence

Network Against Violence

This Website has been created with the vision of establishing a worldwide social NetworkAgainstViolence and thus helping a little to reduce the amount of violence present in our world. Our activities began in October 2002 (hitherto at the German site only). Our goal here is to establish contacts, to gather common information and knowledge and to support activities due to realize our vision - the reduction of violence in all its manifestations.

Currently the German part of our network has some 400 pages of linked information and can be found here:

The pages here are part of a WikiWeb?, meaning that everyone can edit, comment and amend pages, bring in new ideas as well as create new pages. All contributions and participants, who contribute to mutual understanding and reduce violence are welcome. This explicitly includes reporting about events and persons, share about studies and books, planning and maintaining of related projects and activities, but does not exclude anything else that would seem appropriate to support our goals (and is legal, of course).

But we also appreciate constructive criticism as well as suggestions to improve either this site or the means of reaching our - admittedly very ambitious - goals. Just click on "Edit" and add your comments to the appropriate pages. Technical SupportPages? will be coming soon...

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